Below you will find the most commonly asked questions with regards to our Token Generation Event, however if there are any questions you may have after reviewing our FAQ section please feel free to contact our support team via Live Chat or by submitting a Support Ticket from your backoffice. Alternatively you can send a support email to [email protected]

Our Soft Cap is set at $15 Million USD, and our Hard Cap is set to $150 Million USD respectively.

Yes, we have incorporated an extremely reliable 3rd party, iComply, to handle all of our KYC procedures. We are strong advocates of outsourcing this in order to protect your security and Neuroneum’s efficiency. No data is ever held on our servers, therefore there is never a risk of breach of security.

Our total Token Generation Event will yield 18,666,666,667 tokens with 11,200,000,000 allocated for raising capital. Essentially our breakdown is 60% of total tokens generated set aside for contribution.

All unsold tokens at the end of our Token Generation Event will be burned immediately so as to preserve the integrity of the market and the value to our contributors.

Yes there is, once you have completed the KYC procedure iComply will issue a notice to add the specific contributor to the Whitelist at which point the contributor will be notified via email and their backoffice.

Yes, the tokens during our Pre-Sale event will be issued at a value of $0.0075 USD, and incrementally increase in value with each phase of our ICO. The values are set for Pre-ICO Round at $0.012 USD, Main ICO Round 1 at $0.0125 USD, Main ICO Round 2 at $0.01304347826 USD and the final ICO round at $0.015 USD.

We will accept all major Cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat transactions. Please see our website for a full list of Cryptocurrencies that we accept.

There are many exchanges that sell ETH or BTC for fiat or various cryptocurrencies. These include: Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Bittrex among others.

The Token Sale event will commence on the 1st of May 2019 at 12:00 EST.

Yes, the minimum contribution is set at 0.1 ETH. The maximum contribution will be set at 50 ETH for the first 3 hours of the ICO, and then unlimited after that.

You can access our Whitepaper, Pitch Deck and Business Summary by clicking here.

Getting involved in our powerful ICO is quite simple. You will first need to have an ERC20/ERC223-based private address or wallet, and you can access this by going to our website and clicking on “Create Wallet” (not from an exchange). Your next step is to proceed with the registration process by clicking on “CONTRIBUTE NOW!” and starting the first phase of registration which is performing your KYC checks, you will be given your own backoffice user portal and will be notified once your account has been accepted and is ready for contribution.

KYC is a process the customer goes through to identify themselves so that the seller can verify the identity of a buyer, making sure that sales will be legitimate. The process is extremely quick, and you will receive an email confirmation from our team within 24 hours.

All tokens will be distributed right after the main Token Sale event finishes.

We are currently in discussions with various and internationally recognized exchanges. Once final decisions are made, we will be announcing it on our official channels!

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